Restaurant Owners: The One Thing You MUST Do Now To Stop Losing Customers

Now, admittedly, between your daily responsibilities and your employee’s lack of enthusiasm, I know that it is not always easy to stay excited about training and many employees really only hear, “This is how we do things here,” “Know your menu inside and out,” “Be on time.” and “The customer is always right.” (OK, I simplified. But generally the training we offer servers can only be classified as procedural.) How do you take your training further and create a team of customer engagement specialist and put your sales and restaurant on auto pilot?

Easy. (Well perhaps a little effort will be needed since you are not a sales training expert like me. Hint hint.) Here is one method that you might try:

Based on discovery, I start training to each employee’s weakness. For example is Mike always late because of school? Is Mary usually trying to leave early because of her kids? Is Sarah a frustrated artist and ordinarily the one stirring up trouble or finding problems that don’t exist? Believe it or not, knowing what drives your employees outside of work is of utmost importance inside of work.

Now train your employees to over-deliver customer service, customer experiences, customer engagement, surpass sales goals, create referral, repeat clientele and reduce your employee turnover based on what your employees are trying to “get from their” jobs. Now that is NOT your typical procedural training.

Try training instead to Mary’s desire to get home early and with more energy.

Show Mary how to network in the neighborhood on her way to work, where she shops and talks with other moms anyway. Train her that telling everyone where she works and to come in early will actually get her out early and remembering customer’s names and preferences will save her miles of walking to tables.

You can incentivize her networking efforts so she can “Hook them Up” with V.I.P. service (Maybe moving them to a window table, buying them an appetizer or bringing the chef to their table or offering them off the menu items and introductions to the manager etc… ) Teach her that handing out business cards with her name written on and the best times to come to the restaurant for V.I.P. treatment (Early, when the restaurant isn’t at capacity) will actually get her out of the restaurant earlier and with more money because they are referral customers and she has more time to up-sell these guests.

Coach her that if she to creates an early seating of referral customers she will already be halfway out the door and home with her kids. Teach her that if she goes a step further and makes them “regular” customers she will already know their preferences and save her trips to her tables. She can skip trips to her tables and give that energy to her children simply by remembering a customer’s name and what he ordered.

You will actually be training Mary yo create customer experiences just by refocusing her attention from selling or taking orders to getting and remembering names.

You save Mary miles of walking when she can simply by say, “Good morning Bob! Are you having the usual?” from anywhere in the restaurant. (Once it grows to a great customer / employee relationship, Mary won’t even need to use words!)

More importantly you just trained someone to create amazing customer service instead of training them how to do your business.

Customer service sales training helps inspire your employees to want to create more customers and sales. Want to up-sell engagement as well as food and beverages and want to create extraordinary customer experiences. Try more customer service training and watch your team come together to create more sales, more profits and more customers.

Learn all the tips and tricks of amazing customer engagement and new staff motivation. Visit my profile for details. Your employees will stop waiting for customers to come in, stop settling for 20% tips and start utilizing the millions of dollars in assets you’ve given them to woo customers in during off-peak hours. We’ll help them see how much time, money and energy is slipping through their fingers every second of the day that their chairs are not filled and they are not creating amazing customer experiences.