Why Do People Start Restaurants?

Starting a restaurant has to be one of the most difficult businesses people consistently decide to open. Like most things with global customers, everyone thinks they’ve got the next great idea when it comes to starting a restaurant.

While a lot of articles will tell you that opening a restaurant is not for the timid, the fact is that with the right amount of persistence, you can do it. Here are the top five reasons that people decide to start their own restaurant:

1. They grew up in a family run restaurant

Just like how a coal miners son more often than not became a coal miner, or a an actor’s daughter decides to give it a go, having watched a parent or grandparent run their own restaurant gives people the skill sets and belief in themselves that they too will be successful. Nothing like seeing the same guy who can’t figure out that Internet Explorer is a terrible browser successfully run a Fine Dining French cuisine to give you the confidence to start your own.

2. They’ve already made a lot of money

The whims of the rich can be extravagant. And while not all of them can put their names on skyscrapers (looking at you Trump), they can live out their dream to have a steakhouse where friends and frenemies alike come to envy the perks of owning your own restaurant.

3. They’ve worked in the restaurant industry

Much like having grown up in a restaurant family, working in one as a waiter or manager gives you a good base of understanding to venture out on your own. While getting capital is far harder for these folks than the group above, these are the people who will tough through the grit to opening their own concept. Studies have shown that this group is also better equipped to handle the long hours and constant customer complaints as they have been living with it for most of their adult careers.

4. They have giant hearts

These are the same sort of people who get into teaching or social work because they want to share their love and make a difference. While opening a restaurant can seem less altruistic than say building orphanages in the Sudan, these entrepreneurs just want to put a smile on as many faces as they can. Remember how Monica from Friends just loved hosting the gang over at her place? This group loves the idea of cooking and making people happy.

5. They have giant egos

Speaking of Monica, remember how she always had to be in charge? Ya that’s a thing to. With opening any business on your own, there has to be an almost unshakeable belief that you’re the right person to do this. Which is why some restaurant owners have the stereotype of being the most egotistical people on the planet. And while this can be annoying to those with more modesty, the fact is that this group is able to ignore the overwhelming odds and advice and force the world to accept that what they have to offer is necessary.

Bill Parks works for My Owner Box, a company that walks people through how to start a restaurant.