The Benefits of Using Professional Chefwear in Your Restaurant

The restaurant and catering industry is very competitive and you always have to be a step ahead in order to gain customers. You have to think about your restaurant’s corporate image and what message you would like to portray to your customers. If you want to portray a professional image your restaurant’s branding needs to incorporate professional chefwear. With the various types of chefwear available, I will discuss the benefits of each type of chefwear.

Investing in professional attire for your restaurant and catering staff will go a long way with regards to the first impression you make on your customers. This is an investment that will pay off in terms of regular patrons which can boost your sales. Here are the various types of chefwear available and their benefits.

A chef uniform and a chef jacket instantly makes your chef look professional. Generally white uniforms are used as they are crisp and clean which conveys an image of hygiene and cleanliness. Although you could opt for different colours as long as all your staff are wearing the same colour uniform, this will create an image of uniformity in the brand.

An apron is an essential chefwear that all kitchen staff should have. It protects the staff’s clothing from any food splatters. When the apron has any food spills on it, it can be sent to the laundry and the kitchen staff can then simply put on a clean one. You will, therefore, need quite a few aprons in your restaurant to maintain a good hygiene level.

Chef hats look professional and let the customers know who the person is that is preparing their food. However, it has a purpose other than aesthetics and that is to prevent hairs from landing in the food. It keeps the chef’s hair tucked in under the hat to keep the kitchen hair-free.

Disposable chefwear is another essential kitchen item if hygiene is your main priority. The various disposable items available are disposable aprons, vinyl gloves, latex gloves, plastic shoe covers, sleeve protectors and disposable face masks. All of these disposable items cover the necessary body parts to ensure that there is no direct skin contact with the food so that germs are not able to spread.

The benefits of investing in professional chefwear include hygiene, cleanliness, professionalism and a positive corporate image. With the use of chef attire your restaurant or catering business can only soar to new heights.

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