Grow Your Restaurant Business With the Help of Table Tents

Numerous eating joints like restaurants, smokehouses, steakhouses, cafes, bars and grills frequently use table tents. You would have surely noticed these in your city, and wondered why they are appearing in such abundance. These enable you to complement your menu. You can promote special dishes or drinks as and when you like, rather than including those in your regular menu, and thus increase your business.

Sponsor specials

Table tents can be used for sales promotion by announcing special deals for groups and families, and for introducing new creations to increase your revenue. You could offer a pizza large enough to feed a family of four and add a beverage or an appetizer without extra charge, and present the deal for say $30, when your cost of production is just $10. Your clients get better value of money whereas you are able to sell an appetizer which might not be selling well alone.

Additional sales

Table tents are used for exploiting the taste buds of diners with some tempting photos of deserts. Some clients may look at the message on them before going through the menu, while others notice the message after having gone through the menu and having ordered their food. It is at this time, when they are waiting for food to be served, that they realize through one of the images that you have a special desert, and get inclined to order some additional exotic items, which can be costlier than similar items included in the menu.

Apart from increasing the sales of their food items, many restaurants also utilize table tents for the promotion of other non-food products like beer mugs, T-shirts, shot glasses, hats plus other branded products.

The promotion of events and services

Table tents can also be used to convey messages for promoting events like comedy shows, bands, and special packages for birthday parties, party rentals and catering services, etc.

Printing table tents

You should ensure that table tents convey your message effectively. The printing of messages plays a very significant role here. You should look at these materials as a medium for advertising any product or service. The message should be crisp and clear, yet compelling, prompting the prospects to act promptly. The design needs to be terrific, and include the product or services under promotion. The quality of the material used for making the tents should be appropriate for long lasting printing. The tent should have been treated with a water resistant chemical, lest your message should get washed out soon. On the whole, the entire arrangement and message should stand out and shine.

Table tents can be effectively used by restaurants for encouraging the sale of additional food items, as well as other branded products, and for promoting events, as well as for encouraging frequent visits of regular clients and attracting new clients. These can undoubtedly be exploited to increase your business.

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The Benefits of Using Professional Chefwear in Your Restaurant

The restaurant and catering industry is very competitive and you always have to be a step ahead in order to gain customers. You have to think about your restaurant’s corporate image and what message you would like to portray to your customers. If you want to portray a professional image your restaurant’s branding needs to incorporate professional chefwear. With the various types of chefwear available, I will discuss the benefits of each type of chefwear.

Investing in professional attire for your restaurant and catering staff will go a long way with regards to the first impression you make on your customers. This is an investment that will pay off in terms of regular patrons which can boost your sales. Here are the various types of chefwear available and their benefits.

A chef uniform and a chef jacket instantly makes your chef look professional. Generally white uniforms are used as they are crisp and clean which conveys an image of hygiene and cleanliness. Although you could opt for different colours as long as all your staff are wearing the same colour uniform, this will create an image of uniformity in the brand.

An apron is an essential chefwear that all kitchen staff should have. It protects the staff’s clothing from any food splatters. When the apron has any food spills on it, it can be sent to the laundry and the kitchen staff can then simply put on a clean one. You will, therefore, need quite a few aprons in your restaurant to maintain a good hygiene level.

Chef hats look professional and let the customers know who the person is that is preparing their food. However, it has a purpose other than aesthetics and that is to prevent hairs from landing in the food. It keeps the chef’s hair tucked in under the hat to keep the kitchen hair-free.

Disposable chefwear is another essential kitchen item if hygiene is your main priority. The various disposable items available are disposable aprons, vinyl gloves, latex gloves, plastic shoe covers, sleeve protectors and disposable face masks. All of these disposable items cover the necessary body parts to ensure that there is no direct skin contact with the food so that germs are not able to spread.

The benefits of investing in professional chefwear include hygiene, cleanliness, professionalism and a positive corporate image. With the use of chef attire your restaurant or catering business can only soar to new heights.

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2014 Restaurant Executive Summit

November 3 – 5, 2014 | The Ritz-Carlton, Ft. Lauderdale,

Your customers are digital natives. Your service and operations are being reshaped by technology. Your marketing strategies are rapidly evolving – or should be. The 2014 Restaurant Executive Summit is the venue for senior-level restaurant leaders — across operations, marketing, finance and technology – to arm themselves with the innovative ideas they need to Feed Consumers with a #Digital @ppetite, keep their businesses competitive, and keep on growing.

This is not your standard “learn it and forget it” conference where great ideas never make their way back to your organization. The 2014 Restaurant Executive Summit is focused on helping attendees achieve results. Educational sessions are high energy and high caliber, and are combined with hands-on interactive workshops to help attendees develop an action plan from what they’ve learned.

The Education: Silo-Free and Solutions Focused

• In the Day Two Keynote, hear from John Costello, President, Global Marketing & Innovation, Dunkin’ Brands, Inc. Costello will discuss how Dunkin’ Brands keeps a 60-year-old icon relevant to consumers today through omni-channel marketing. Learn how Dunkin’ Brands determines the right role for social, mobile, digital and traditional marketing.
• Join a visionary think-tank in the “Transformation of Restaurant Operations” panel, featuring senior-level executives from across the enterprise. The panel will tackle how to change operational models, and leverage new technologies in the process, as consumer expectations for service and personalization change.
• Are you tired of attending conferences that have great ideas but don’t help you build an action plan? The 2014 Restaurant Executive Summit will enable you to solidify what you’ve learned, find out what others learned, and create an action plan for implementing new ideas in your organizations in an all new interactive Closing Un-Session: The Ultimate Summit Wrap-Up. This is not your grandmother’s closing session!

The Networking.

Take advantage of a unique networking environment where key decision makers, free of departmental silos, will be able to exchange ideas, best practices and offer fresh perspectives. The collective goal of our highly interactive format is to stay in front of industry trends, preserve financial health and position companies for growth.

Who Attends?

Senior-level restaurant executives, CEO, President, Owner, CIO/CTO, CFO, COO, CMO VP, EVP, SVP of Marketing, Operations, Finance and Technology. Top decision-makers, franchisees and independent operators from growth-oriented Restaurant companies who:
• Need to enhance customer engagement to drive loyalty
• Have a ton of data that could be helpful if it were well organized
• Care about how new digital solutions impact their front line team
• Are concerned about how their brand uses digital channels
• Are concerned about ROI, and have to manage budgets
• Are tired of conferences that have great ideas but don’t help you build an action plan.

Small Business Growth Through Your Business Plan

You need a business plan. To be successful, in anything, especially a business, you need a plan. The idea of writing a comprehensive business plan can be daunting to people, yet it is imperative to effectively grow your small business. To grow your small business, you need a rock solid business plan.

Why do you need a business plan, you say? You might think, I have a great idea. Everybody will love my idea. I applaud your confidence. Yet, you must be mindful and careful of your short-sightedness. Not everybody likes the same things. Consumer tastes and performances vary wildly. What is a fantastic idea to you may not be of value to somebody else.

Also, there is a lot to understand about running a business and the simple process of sitting down and thinking through it strategically is a valuable exercise. Let me give you a quick example from an area of Long Beach, California where I live. There is an area known as Belmont Shore that contains a strip of shops, coffee houses, restaurants and bars. It is a fun area, often frequented by high foot traffic from the locals and tourists visiting the city. A small shop on this street can have a monthly lease of $10,000+ dollars. This is a pretty big monthly number for a small business and if this is not considered in your plan, you will fail. For example, if you have a slim profit margin, you might need to sell $100,000 worth of items to simply cover all of your expenses.

The overwhelming majority of people enter into their businesses without plan. And, guess what, the majority of small businesses fail. As you need to know where you are going in your life, you need that same vision in your business. A business plan is really a detailed roadmap on how to get there.

Here is a short, but definitely not comprehensive list of what you should consider in your plan. What will you sell and why do people want and need to buy it? Where will you operate? If you have a virtual business, you still need a web-page storefront. Who is your competition and why is your product better? How will you market your products and communicate your better products? Also, who is your market? If you answer ‘everybody’, please reconsider. You cannot cost-effectively advertise to or provide good customer service to all people. Lastly, you must not forget the numbers. Some people are intimated by the financials. If this is you, get help from a consultant, financial advisor, or your accountant.

Do not be intimidated by the process. There are ample resources out there to help you. I encourage you to visit the Small Business Administration at for some valuable and cost-free information. There are even basic templates and plans that you can download at no-cost. Also, depending on the specifics of your business and your location, you might have access to free, or extremely low-cost business plan development consulting and training courses. You can also call your local college or review their course catalogue. The investment of your time, energy, and very little money will reap significant rewards.

To effectively grow your small business you need a good business plan. Write a powerful business plan to grow your small business.

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