Ten Handy Buffetware Kitchen Products for the Hospitality Industry

The holiday season has arrived and if you are in the hospitality industry then you know full-well that this is your busiest time of the year. If you have not yet prepared your kitchen for this busy season, then you need to get into gear and get your kitchen in order. To assist you, I’ve compiled a list of ten buffetware kitchen products that will make your kitchen more efficient when trying to cope with the additional customers.

1. Coffee Urn. If you run a breakfast service then you should know that almost every customer demands coffee the moment they sit down. A coffee urn with the freshly prepared coffee that remains constantly heated during breakfast is a huge time saver.

2. Croissant Warmer. Again, as part of your breakfast service, you probably serve croissants. This delicious pastry is served best warm. But trying to reheat a croissant does not quite work, it rather dries the pastry. A croissant warmer keeps the contents at a constant temperature that is ready to serve.

3. Milk Pail Dispenser. This handy kitchen equipment allows you to store the milk ready-to-serve for use in coffee, tea or for cereals. This saves your waiters much time from running between the kitchen and the breakfast area.

4. Cereal Dispensers. Near your milk pail dispenser, it is advisable to have a set of cereal dispensers. Give your customers a variety of cereal options to choose from.

5. Sugar Bowls. Make sure that you have enough sugar bowls at your disposal. Customers will require much sugar for their coffee or tea and even for their cereals.

6. Condiment Station. If you run an elegant establishment where your customers put style first, then you will have to keep that in mind. A condiment station includes all the necessary containers in which to pour the popular condiments while having them all together on one serving station.

7. Chafing Dishes. These are necessary for a breakfast buffet service. You want to ensure that all the breakfast foods are kept warm while it is being served. While allowing customers to return for a second warm plate of breakfast.

8. Ice Bucket. An ice bucket is very useful during this warm summer season. Place an ice bucket filled with ice on your customer’s table to keep their bottle of champagne chilled.

9. Juice Dispensers. It is a good idea to have fresh juice available for your breakfast buffet. Get a few juice dispensers in which you can dispense orange juice, mango juice, and strawberry juice.

10. Trays. As trivial as this might seem, make sure that you have enough trays at the disposal of your customers. It can be frustrating when they get to the buffet area and there are no trays available.

These are the ten buffetware catering equipment that will ease your buffet breakfast service.

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